Divest Dalhousie LGBTQ Solidarity Statement

Divest Dalhousie would like to encourage and congratulate the amazing and tireless work of the LGBTQ community in Halifax, and around the world, on their quest for justice.

While we’re working on seemingly different issues – our campaign is focused on climate change, the work of the LGBTQ community is to free people of gender and sexuality-based oppression – we see direct links between our goals and efforts. The problems we face share common roots. We can and must fight them together and support each others work through our own.

Oppression, exploitation, and inequality are at the roots of both the climate justice movement and the LGBTQ justice movement. We both fight against systems that create and maintain social, economic, and political inequality. Climate injustice is wreaked on communities whose power has been stolen – the power to make decisions about their community and environment, stolen by systems of economic exploitation, capitalism, political corruption, racism, and gender-based violence.

Our goals reach beyond ending investments in fossil fuels, and extends to empowering our community to reclaim control of our finances, social interactions, moral obligations, and future. These are the broad goals we feel are shared between our two movements – empowerment, equality, and social justice. The goals of our campaign are diminished if we do not include the perspectives of all groups, including the LGBTQ community. In the light of a common interest against oppression, we hope to work with and have the support of this community as we move towards fossil fuel divestment and toward a better future.

We are honoured to work alongside you in the struggle for justice.

With love and and respect,

Divest Dalhousie



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