Ramz Aziz affirms commitment to divest DSU funds at o-week ‘Green BBQ’

Ramz.no.cupsFor Immediate Release                                                                            


Ramz Aziz, Dalhousie Student Union President, affirms the DSU is actively exploring divestment of its holdings from the world’s largest fossil fuel companies.

HALIFAX – ‘Divest Dalhousie’ – a campaign urging Dalhousie University to divest its endowment fund from fossil fuel companies – celebrates the news that the university’s student union has made plans to divest.

The announcement reflects the Dalhousie Student Union’s commitment to: 1) immediately freezing all new fossil fuel investments in the top 200 companies with fossil fuel reserves in the world, and 2) to fully divest current holdings in those companies within four years. The DSU, which represents 18,000 students, is one of the first student unions in Canada to explore divestment, following in the footsteps of the Students’ Society of McGill University.

“The DSU must make ethical and responsible decisions when investing; we will explore every avenue to divest and commit resources to support the divestment campaign at Dal”  said Ramz Aziz, the DSU President, during a garden celebration of green initiatives on campus. “The DSU is taking strong leadership on this issue. Now it’s our administrations turn”.

“The Dalhousie Student Union has been incredibly supportive of our divestment campaign since it’s inception. We are so proud that our union is showing the Dalhousie University administration what it looks like to take strong climate leadership” says Evelien Vanderkloet, a Divest Dalhousie campaigner. “The DSU, which represents the collective voice of students on campus, is demonstrating that Dalhousie  students are not idle observers of climate change and carbon pollution. Youth are making the just transition to a sustainable future more than just an idea. We are making it happen”.

The total amount of the DSU’s investment pool is a $2.5 million.  While this is small compared to the university’s endowment fund which currently holds $470 million, it represents the investment fees of over 18,000 individual students at Dalhousie University.

The announcement was made on day 17 of Divest Dalhousie’s 100 Days of Action, an effort to call on the Dalhousie University President to commit to divestment during the Board of Governor’s meeting on November 25th, the final day of the 100 day campaign.


Divest Dalhousie is a collective of students, alumni and concerned community members campaigning for Dalhousie University’s to divest its $470 million endowment from the worlds top 200 fossil fuel companies. For more information go to our website: http://divestdal.ca

Or follow us on Twitter: @divestdal

For media inquiries please contact:
Evelien Vanderkloet
Email: evelien.vanderkloet@gmail.com
Ramz.no.cupsPhone: 902-456-9711



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