Divest Dal at the Board of Governors – Oct 21, 2014

To Change Everything, We Need Everyone.


This is among the biggest things we’ve learned, as a movement, coming out of the the People’s Climate March in NYC in September.

It’s time for Dalhousie to make a decision on fossil fuel divestment. And it’s time for us to demand that they make the right decision. We’re gearing up for the largest climate action in Dalhousie history.

Join us at the University’s Board of Governors on Tuesday, October 21st, 2014 to show your support and ensure that this is the moment that Dalhousie decides to take a step as a true sustainability leader.

For months, Divest Dal has been meeting with, and presenting to the University’s Investments Committee and has delivered an extensive proposal for fossil fuel divestment. Now that the administration has all the information they need, it’s time to call upon the Board of Governors to make history.
We’re calling upon them to make their decision by the end of the year – during the November 25th Board meeting.

Dalhousie has the opportunity to make history, or be vilified by it.


The pool of investments that has been divested, worldwide, continues to grow. With over $50 Billion in successful fossil fuel divestment commitments and over $100 Billion decarbonized institutional investments, as announced at the recent Climate Summit in the UN Headquarters this September.
This said, Dalhousie would be the first university in Canada if it decides to divest from the fossil fuel industry, truly turning the tides and positioning itself on the right side of history.

This will be the fifth consecutive Board of Governors meeting that Divest Dal has attended. We’ve consistently broken attendance records. This Tuesday will be the biggest Climate Action in Dalhousie history.


Check out the Facebook Event for all of the up-to-date details! 


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